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With the desire to combine RacingLine’s exciting new OEM+ software options with an already world renowned hardware selection, was created to bridge the gap and offer industry leading solutions for tuning.

Unleash your vehicle with our ultimate stage by stage upgrades. A complete, turn-key set of packages that combine everyday usability with devastating performance just one squeeze of the throttle away. All for incredible value.


R360 in Bronze!


Performance Ignition Coils

CARBON Inspiration

Paddle Shifters / Carbon Body Braces / Engine Styling

What People Say

Nothing beats the first drive, first launch, first track-day after making modifications to your vehicle. See what these fellow enthusiasts had to say about RacingLine OEM+ Software.

The Racingline OEM+ software recalibration I have had is amazing. Way more power and Torque. Gearbox software is a must. It now drives how it should have from the factory. Do yourselves a massive favour get oem+ software it’s great

Alan Freeman Clarke / Essex

My MK7.5 Golf R went to VAG Manchester for OEM+ Stage 1 ECU and TCU calibrations. This software genuinely transformed my car! Power delivery is smooth but my car pulls so much stronger! I have since gone OEM+ Stage 2 using their FREE UPGRADE program and the extra lowdown torque and performance is incredible. I couldn’t be happier. The service and support network from both VAG Manchester and Racingline has been fantastic. They really do go above and beyond and stand by their products. I’ve had such a great overall OEM+ experience. If you’re considering OEM+ you should 100% do it.

Dan Sapseid / Manchester

RacingLine OEM+ Remap & lower mount – has utterly transformed the power delivery, I cannot get over how smooth it is both in auto and manual modes. The mid-range pick-up is something else and surprisingly no-where near as brutal as I was expecting – it really is quite something.

Duncan Sibley / Shropshire